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Water for Elephants based on the novel by Sara Gruen

A community for the movie 'Water for Elephants'
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Welcome to wfelephantsfilm a livejournal community for the upcoming film that is set to star Christoph Waltz, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson.

The film is based on the best selling novel by Sara Gruen and will be released in April 2011.

01. Be kind to one another. Mutual civility and respect between members is key. The overall productivity and activity of this community greatly depends on the cooperation of all involved.
02. Tag your posts. Please appropriately tag your posts to prevent moderators from having to fix them for you.
03. Cite all appropriate sources. Give credit where credit is due. It's only fair to reference the sources where you initially found your information.

If you'd like to affiliate with wfelephantsfilm, please respond to this post.

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+ sachertorte.tumblr

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